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Welcome to the Shai-Osudoku District Assembly

Location, Size, and General Information About the District

The Shai-Osudoku District is situated in the southeastern part of Ghana in the Greater Accra Region. The district can be located between latitudes 5045’ and 6005’degrees north and longitude 0005’E and 0020’W. The Shai-Osudoku District was carved out of the former Dangme West District on 15th March 2012 as a result of a re-demarcation exercise undertaken in the context of decentralisation reforms in the country. The District shares boundaries with North Tongu District to the North-East, Yilo Krobo Municipality, and Upper Manya District to the North-West, Akwapim North Municipality to the West, Kpone Katamanso Municipality to the South-West, Ningo-Prampram District to the South, and Ada West District to the East.

The district has Dodowa as its administrative capital. A 22km stretch of the Volta River washes the North-Eastern portion of the District. The District has a land area of   968.36 square kilometres representing 29.84% of the entire land space of the Greater Accra Region (which covers an area of 3,245 Square Kilometres). The presence of 22km stretch of the Volta River provides an enormous advantage for the fishing industry. Additionally, the geographic location of the district, being closer to Accra and the Tema Metropolis also provide an advantage for businesses, especially for export.

The population of the District is projected to be 67,105 in the year 2020 with 32,680 males representing (48.7%) and 34,425 females (51.3%) (D.P.C.U, 2018). Demographically, persons aged between 15-64 constitute the majority of people in the District (56.7%). The population density of the District according to GSS 2010 Report is 54 persons per sq. km.

 Agriculture is the mainstay of the District economy employing 58.6% of the working population.  The District is predominantly rural with 76.7 % of the populace living in rural communities with only (23.3%) residing in urban and peri-urban settings. The District has about 250 communities/settlements some of which are rapidly getting urbanised because of their proximity to Accra, the national capital. Dodowa is the administrative capital of the District. The District can boast of 4 Town/Area Councils (ie. Sub-Governance Structures) and 2 Traditional Areas -  Shai and Osudoku.

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