DCE Donates to Osudoku Traditional Council.

The District Chief Executive( DCE) for Shai- Osudoku District Assembly, Hon. Fred Offei has donated assorted drinks, water and an unspecified sum of money to the Osudoku Traditional Council towards the annual renewal and purification of the stool to strengthen and re-enact the traditions of the land.

This year's ceremony which was held at Osuwem was graced by the newly confirmed DCE.

Hon.Offei said as a son of the land, he will do his best to put the district on the map through a wide range of development initiatives and with all hands on deck.

After libations were poured and the purification ceremony was performed, His Royal Majesty, aadegbor Ngmongmowoyaa Kwesi Animle VI narrated a brief history of the stool and explained the importance of the renewal of the oaths.

The paramount chief of Osudoku Traditional Council Aadegbor Ngmongmowuyaa VI stressed on maintaining peace in the district which is a precondition to development.

He pleaded with the DCE to construct roads leading to adjoining towns to help transportation of raw materials and farm produce from the rural areas.

He added that the Council would put in every effort to rally behind the DCE and his administration.