The Forestry Commission in collaboration with the Embassy of Israel have established " Jerusalem Forest" in the Chippa Forest of the Shai-Osudoku District of the Greater Accra Region to mark this year's Green Ghana Day.

In harmony with the occasion,  over a thousand trees are being planted in the forest as the Embassy's contribution to combatting deforestation and land degradation in Ghana.

This year's celebration which is on the theme " Greening Ghana for a better tomorrow" would witness about one million trees being planted.

In a welcome address, the District Chief Executive for the District Hon. Fred Offei said the day was not just a day for planting trees but a celebration of our commitment to safeguarding the environment for future generations.

He said the Shai-Osudoku District is rich in natural resources and vibrant communities holds immense potential for environmental uniqueness and leadership.

" We gather to reaffirm our dedication to this cause, recognizing that the health of our environment is basically linked up to the wellbeing of our people.

According to him, our commitment to a brighter tomorrow must extend beyond Green Ghana Day.

"Let us strive to incorporate sustainable practices into our daily lives, reduce waste, conserve energy and protect our natural habitat.

On his part, Israel's Ambassador to Ghana, His Excellency Shlomit Sufa said the state of Israel is proud to join hands with the government of Ghana in this noble endeavor.

" Our participation in the Green Ghana Day tree planting exercise is a testament to  our shared vision of a sustainable future".

" As we plant this trees, we are not only contributing to the environment but also nurturing the seeds of friendship and cooperation between our nations," he stated.

Highlighting on some of the initiatives that underscores Israel's commitment to environmental protection, he said, one of the most notable achievement is in the field of water management.

He disclosed that Israel has pioneered advanced water technologies including desalination, waste water, recycling and drip irrigation.

" Today, we recycle nearly 90percnt of our waste water using it for agricultural irrigation and reducing the strain on freshwater resources", he   indicated.

Furthermore, he said, Israel has implemented robust policies for afforestation and reforestation, adding that through the work of the Jewish National Fund, millions of trees have been planted across Israel, transforming arid landscapes into thriving ecosystems.

" Our commitment to environmental protection extends beyond our borders. We stand ready to support and promote Ghana's efforts to create a safe and sustainable environment"

The District Director of the Forestry Commission Madam Winifred prevailed on opinion leaders to caution the youth not to tamper with the trees adding that they should rather monitor its growth to help society derive the needed benefit from them.