Mrs. Nayram Akutei



Mandates of the Department

  • Land Use and Spatial Planning Act 2016, Act 925
  • Land Use and Spatial Planning Regulations 2019, LI 2384
  • Local Governance Act 2016, Act 936
  • Local Government Service, Physical Planning Operational Manual, November 2018
  • Zoning Guidelines and Planning Standards, November 2011
  • Street Addressing Manual, 2012
  • National Development Planning Commission Act 479
  • National Development Planning Commission Act 480
  • National Building Regulations/Codes


Responsible of planning and management of the growth and development of towns and villages within the district through development management and control measures.

Functional Roles

  • The department facilitates functional, orderly and sustainable development of settlements and judicious use of land.
  • Formulation of long-term structure plans to direct and guide the development and growth of settlements in the region.
  • Preparation of micro level sector development plans and programmes which includes land use plans and revisions of existing plans to guide physical development of settlements in the region.
  • Development promotion: which is a proactive advisory function whereby the department seeks to sensitize the general public and direct them on land use development.
  • Awareness creation and advisory services to public/private organizations and individuals on matters relating to planning and management of physical development.

Service Provided by the Department

The following are the services provided by the physical planning office:

Development Management

  • Daily/Regular Inspections of physical developments to minimize to the barest minimal encroachment of road, water ways, compliance to standards and guidelines and ensuring that developments are carried out according to the local plans for the area.
  • Regular monitoring to ensure the preservation of forest lands, public sites, state lands and government acquisitions.
  • Receiving and Vetting of Development Applications towards theissuance of development permits for individuals, private and public institutions, Associations and corporations.                   Building


Development Promotion

The department provide technical advices to Individuals, Stools & Families, Land Owners, Developers, Corporations and Institutions on the following:

  • Planning advice, community sensitization and stakeholders’ consultation
  • DevelopmentAdvice
  • Zoning Advice
  • Land Related Matters
  • Development related issues
  • Documentations regarding land matters
  • Site advisory services


Development Planning

The department also offer the following services to the General Public and Prospective Developers, Association, Corporations and Institutions:

  • Preparation of Spatial Development Framework
  • Preparation of Structure Plan
  • Preparation of Local Plan (Layout)
  • Street Addressing Maps
  • District Maps
  • Land use Maps
  • Zoning plans
  • Planning Related Searches



  • Surveying of roads and Demarcation of roads
  • Tracking of Geographic Positioning Systems (GPS)
  • Digitization services
  • Street naming and Property numbering
  • House numbering
  • Uploading unto the digital platform (Street Addressing Platform & Ghana Post Platforms)