The Shai-Osudoku District Assembly (SODA) on Wednesday 23rd August, 2023, held its 2nd Ordinary meeting for the fourth session of the 7th Assembly at Guggisberg Memorial Hall in Dodowa in the Greater Accra Region.

Presenting the Executive Committee report on behalf of the District Chief Executive, Honorable Fred Offei, the Assistant Director 1, Mrs. Gloria Daniels indicated that the committee met for the second time on Tuesday, 25th July 2023 to deliberate on significant topics and expect the General Assembly to take key decisions that would propel the district.

She revealed that the executive committee proposes that the assembly delegate individuals to the Akuapem North Municipal Assembly to harmoniously discuss a feasible way to alleviate Akuapem range degradation, which negatively impacts the district whenever there is a heavy rainfall.

Mrs. Gloria Daniels further said that, the general assembly should implement critical measures to limit the risk of the sale of tabletop gasoline, which poses a threat to the public and the community as a whole. She explained that, the committee is working on effective strategies to mobilize revenue for the assembly.

She thanked all the staff and assembly members for their enormous effort and support to the assembly.

A delegation from the National Peace Council (NPC) used the occasion to educate the general house about the NPC's mission, vision, and function.

The deputy Director Mr.Frank delivered a brief presentation on behalf of the team, stated that the council’s goal is to promte and estabish methods for conflict prevention, management, and resolution, as well as to build long-term peace in the country.

He explained that for the council to achieve its goal, it will harmonize and co-ordinate conflict prevention, management, resolution, and building sustainable peace through networking and coordination; Strengthen capacities for conflict prevention, management, resolution, and sustainable peace in the country, including but not limited to chiefs, women, youth groups, and community organizations; increase awareness of the use of non-violent strategies to prevent, manage, and resolve conflict and build sustainable peace in the country; Facilitate the amicable resolution of conflict through mediation and other processes, including indigenous mechanisms for conflict resolution and peace-building; Promote understanding of the values of diversity, trust, tolerance, confidence -building, negotiation, mediation, dialogue, and reconciliation; Co-ordinate and supervise the work of the Regional and District Peace Councils; Facilitate the implementation of agreements and resolutions reached between parties in conflict;

Make recommendations to the Government and other stakeholders on actions to promote trust and confidence between and among groups; Perform any other function that is ancillary to its object.

Furthermore, he said, the national peace council’s vision is to have a country characterized by a dynamic environment where people can engage in their lawful activities confident that the institutions, mechanisms, and capacities for mediating differences and grievances are effective and responsive.

He pointed out that the mission of the National Peace Council is to facilitate the development of mechanisms for cooperation among all relevant stakeholders in peace-building in Ghana by promoting cooperative problem solving in conflicts and institutionalizing conflict response processes to produce outcomes that lead to conflict transformation, social, political, and religious reconciliation and transformative dialogues.

Mr Frank disclosed that in global peace ranking Ghana was the first peaceful country in West Africa and the second peaceful country in Africa but due to some economic and health reasons Ghana is currently second peaceful country in Africa and third in West Africa.

According to Mr. Frank, in 2022, Ghana was the first peaceful country in West Africa and the second peaceful country in the whole of Africa in the world peace rating, but due to economic and health reasons, Ghana is currently the second peaceful country in Africa and the third in West Africa.

Ignatius Godfred Dordoe, the honorable member of the Natriku electoral area, proposed that the NPC establish data that zooms out the peace ranking record for the various areas in Ghana, so that it can carve out the regions and MMDAs that are peaceful in the country and those that are not.

The veterinary officer, Mr. Edem Apeloakim informed the general house about the rabies epidemic and the importance of establishing a vert hospital in the district. He explained that rabies is a deadly virus spread to people from the saliva of infected animals. The rabies virus is usually transmitted through a bite. Animals most likely to transmit rabies in the district are dogs.

He resolved that if the assembly establishes a veterinary hospital, anyone and all dogs who contract rabies would receive vaccinations for protection.

The general house agreed to the PRCC recommendation that a community engagement be held to educate the community about the by-laws and responsibilities of the district assembly as well as the assembly members of the district.